Need female actress for short prank video (Fort Wayne Indiana)

12711 maples rd
compensation: Min 200$ or more if finances allow
employment type: employee's choice
job title: Acting
need a female to play a role for a brief video I create different content for YouTube channel me and others will conduct elaborate pranks I've tried local actresses but no one's considering the role so this is a last shot The total time of interaction would be approximately 5 minutes max with the person being pranked The prank is pretending to deliver food from a very specific restaurant that no longer is here but they don't realize that the nearest one does do take out I will be traveling approximately a little over 2 hours each way to go get the food bring it back I would hook up with you the actor at a meeting location he lives very close to the meat location do the delivery try to get it on video without him noticing the cameras and then leave from that point I will thank you for your services and then walk back to his place to reveal it was a prank that he was set up for there will be no inappropriate conduct no contact other than delivering bag of food The catch is I need two people to play the role of two Hooters waitresses I just need one female to help complete this and will need them to drive for brief period of time like less than 10 minutes worth of driving from meeting place to address and back to meeting place I do not have a driver's license I cannot drive on the road I have different types of Hooters uniforms if you are not comfortable wearing the traditional tank top uniform there are others that are a little more coverage there are tracksuit versions but the largest size I have is a small and an extra small but everything else is smalls mediums and potentially a larger so just depending on which one it is for the other uniforms I'm able to pay minimum $200 maybe more depending on finances for more details contact me looking for somebody who is is able to pull off looking like or similar to a Hooters waitresses/calendar girl I also am giving the option to blur out your face if you're not comfortable being in the video and being recognize doing something like this I can also make it a point to make sure that your face is not seen in the video also depending on the uniform you choose I will throw it in for you to keep as a bonus considering that I will no longer need them and some stuff I borrowed from two people who work there that were nice enough to let me borrow like the tracksuits and what not these are true genuine authentic uniforms they're not cheap old costumes I will also need your shoe size so I know what size of the same style and brand of shoe that hooter waitresses generally use again for more information just let me know and I can send you better details of what I'm looking for or trying to achieve The photo is what I'm hoping to achieve The location of the prank will take place in New Haven Indiana also I've never used craigslist before this is my first time please forgive me if I've put The wrong information in the wrong place

in summary you playing role as one of the waitress / delivery driver for roughly 5 minutes for $200 or more regardless if prank is successful or not
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