MULEFOOT GILTS & Barrows - $250 (Columbia City)

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1 Purebred Mulefoot Gilt; $2

2 Barrows (ready to process) - $200 each

Rare heritage breed
Born June 30, 2023

GILT POSSIBLY BRED - due August if she took

Great homestead/pasture pig.
Born and Raised on pasture with supplemental corn/feed

Sows will build a nest, farrow, and care for piglets on their own. Very good mothers, yet a mild mannered, boars too.

Mulefoot hogs are compact in appearance and weigh 400-600 lbs. They are solid black with white points occurring rarely. The AMBA accepts pink or white dots/marks on the snout and white “anklets” right above the hoof wall. However, white hooves and bellies are not acceptable. Neither are red, white, striped or other coat colors. The breed forages well and thrives under extensive husbandry. They have litters of 5-6 piglets but may have as many as 12. The sows are excellent and calm mothers. Their meat is said to “melt in your mouth,” is very tender, and is appreciated by gourmet chefs. It is a hardy breed, has a gentle disposition, and is a good forager. They can thrive in nearly any climate with proper shelter. (Info from Livestock Conservancy)

Great meat - can't buy anything half as good in the store

WE Love to answer serious questions BUT:
IF the ad is up, at least some are available.
YES we like them too - but if you aren't interested in possibly owning one, please don't waste our time. Some of us do have things to do
AND we correspond through Craigslist emails - we've had too many people we never hear from again as soon as they get our phone number or email - but we sure hear from all the spammers.
Thank You

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