1 year old pit bull (Fort Wayne)

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This is Roxy she's just over a year old and looking for a new home. Unfortunately I can not keep her due to the new policy change in the trailer park I'm living in or I'll be facing eviction. She is good with kids, cats and other dogs. She still has a bit of a chewing problem but if she has her favorite toy witch I will send with her she doesn't do too bad. I would like to find her a home somewhere locally as it will be a process of her getting to know you she will not just go with you. She's terrified of strangers I believe she was abused by the previous owners becuase it does take her a minuet to get used to you and she still flinches and runs when she feels she's in trouble. She would do well with a fenced in yard and needs to be let out frequently as she has a hard time holding her bladder, she's still super hyper and loves to play fetch and tug of war ahe is also very vocal. She's never bitten anyone out of agression how ever she has nipped at my God mother for getting in her face before she was comfortable with her. If anyone has experience with abused dogs that would be the best option. I do not want to have to take her to the pound as she is a very loving and sweet girl but becuase of her fear of new people she comes off as aggressive with that and her bread I'm terrified they will just put her down and I don't want that to happen to her. For more info please reply to this Ad.

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