Renting out a private bedroom in a shared upstairs apartment.

I QUICKLY BLOCK ANYONE WHO RED FLAGS AS A TIME WASTER. Because there are many fakes and spammers online and the first step is proving both people are real because wasting time is stealing life.

Older place, no bugs or mold, but not a fancy place for the common superficial shallow sheeple type of person who expects fanciness and amenties.

I talk only if someone knows how there are many things which go into being a roommate and it's the third most important thing in a person's life right behind your kids and then your relationship. And a roommate should be a person who is worth adopting like a family member for life. I will put a lot into a friend or accept a lot of flaws I will take a lot of stepping on my toes but there's a line and you got to get to know a a lot of stuff. To have to listen you have to pay attention you have to be aware of yourself and how you're affecting others and you have to be aware of them and how they're being affected by you or what matters to a person and you do the math. If it's not too much I've got extra food after this and that I'm obligated only to give rent a room with utilities. And safety. That means using the restroom and using the stove in the fridge and never being in their stuff unless the emergency and meaning what I say and following every damn thing I say and I don't expect someone to follow absolutely everything you can mess up some you can mess up big once in a while and certain categories most categories that a lot of people won't tolerate but there's a few things I'll never tolerate.

And I have some pluses that others don't I think it's absolutely disgusting that people will not live with a person of a darker race let's just say that I've had eight of them I've taken in as roomies and I've had a few that took me in including when I was a homeless teenager in california. And it is disgusting I honestly they have never been a problem roommate they could have been anybody can be but that's the point people. I want to let you guys know when you passed a conversation around this is important enough to use this as a forum I have seen blacks have to work six times it's hard to get a roommate as white.
Post so I'm going to go with it where I want and it is important enough that I have noticed every one of my roommates who wore black had to bust their hump 6 or 8 times as hard as we do. Okay so if it's a female roommate I don't expect here physical or romantic thing but I do want to have a friend I want someone who's going to be a lifelong platonic friend at least and it's okay if a person has a boyfriend yeah that's a thing that some females worry about when they have a male roommate that's not my thing that's your thing but as long as he doesn't beat you I actually like if my female has a male spouse or at least male family when I have to take off I.
Roommates should be adopted family. I also try to bring people together if they can't fit in here or if my place isn't good for them like a couple of them had mobility problems and couldn't use the stairs. It's an older place it's not for somebody who wants fancy stuff it's a bit run down I could clean it up to be honest men slacking cuz I've gone through a really rough. I was a semi-pro athlete most of my life and I'll be back in in competitive shape but not competing again but I have been so low that I have not been able to walk for a great part of over a year and a half but I've recovered as usual. And I don't need or want anybody to do anything but anyway I will have plenty of extra stuff for a decent roommate who doesn't expect it and doesn't have their hand out I'm obligated to give only rent utilities but I share Wi-Fi and we should have enough that each of us can use two or three devices I also make sure my roommate has an extra phone and supplies I have usually a good amount of food and just like to talk over a lot of topics if you don't hear from me you can try to text at too1nine...7sevyn7...fourninefourtwo.

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